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  • A Conversation with Rep. Blake Reston
    - August 4, 2014
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    - July 25, 2014
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    - July 17, 2014

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Hawthorne Ordnance Museum commemorates the thousands of  Military, Civil Service and Civilian Corporate Personnel that have made significant, and even the ultimate contribution in defending the Freedom of this Great Nation. 

On September 15, 1930 the Secretary of the Navy commissioned the U.S. Navy Ammunition Depot at Hawthorne, Nevada. This did not happen by accident, but an accident caused it to happen.  Four years earlier, July 1926, during the same week that a fire destroyed the Hawthorne business district, the Navy's principal ammunition depot in Lake Denmark, NJ blew up, destroying the town and killing over 50 people and injuring hundreds more.  The Hawthorne Ordnance Museum commemorates the history of the ammunition Depot and it's mission in defending the freedom of our country.

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